AOBO Hidden Spy Camera 720p Wireless

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AOBO Hidden Spy Camera 720p AOBO Hidden Spy Camera 720p Wireless Camera.Wireless

In this article, we are reviewing the AOBO Hidden Spy Camera. We will be looking at its uses, trchnical specifications and the pros and cons of buying this Spy Camera.

AOBO Hidden Spy Camera 720p Wireless

The AOBO Hidden Spy Camera 720p Wireless Camera comes with a choice of 8 different DIY Lens covers in the shapes of buttons and the like. These are suitable for different recording situations. The small lens is very easy to position.

This camera features WiFi Connection. It will connect to your smartphone via the SIPC App, and once enabled and you are within wifi connection you will be able to view live videos. The camera is compatible with PC, Android, and ios. The camera will record both sounds and vision. The App will work with multiple cameras. When not in range of wifi it will record onto the onboard sd card (not supplied.) Here’s the procedure to be able to watch your videos

1 step, Download “SIPC”app software.
2 stepTurn on camera.
3 stepTake the mobile phone connects camera WiFi hot-spot.
4 stepRemote connection.
5 stepView the live video.

This camera has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, and a USB interface charging cable. The camera battery will last for approximately one hour when fully charged. It takes 2-3 hours to fully charge the battery. You can use a power bank should you need longer recording.

The camera also features Motion Detection. You will receive an alarm message on your phone when motion is detected.

SD Card Recording

The camera takes up to a 64GB SD Card. The 64GB card will record 1-2 months of recordings in normal use. Its default setting is 5 minutes to save an 18.86MB video file. The camera records in AVI. When the card becomes full, it will overwrite the old video on loop recording. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the video stopping at a crucial moment.

Where To Buy The AOBO Spy Camera?

You can buy the Aobo Spy Camera simply by clicking on the image link at the bottom of the page. This will take you directly to the item on Amazon. Here you can read the reviews of other people who have bought this item. Amazon are the World’s largest online Retailer. Therefore, you can rest assured you will get your item quickly and at a great price.


  • Small, easily hidden camera
  • Big choice of lens covers


  • No night vision
  • The camera only supports 2.4G Wifi
  • When you are recording the blue and red lights show. You need to cover them with tape.
  • If your phone is within 3 meters of the camera it may affect the audio recording.
  • The camera has no autofocus

Our opinion

Finally, we get to our opinion of this small and discreet Spy Camera. This AOBO Hidden Spy Camera 720p Wireless camera is fairly cheap and it really shows it. The camera itself does a fair job but its design and build are cheap. There is no night vision. The App crashes A LOT. Even having the camera close to your phone appears to affect its normal working. Our advice is if you want something cheap and functional to get this camera. If you’re looking for better quality get a different camera. In our humble opinion, it’s a low cost, low-quality option but covers the basic functions you’ll need.

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