Where is the best place to locate my security camera?

Where Is The Best Place To Locate My Security Camera? CCTV Camera, Surveillance Camera

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Where is the best place to locate my security camera?

Where is the best place to locate my security camera?

So, you’ve taken the wise move and got yourself at least one Security Camera. So, next, you’ll try to figure out ‘where is the best place to locate my Security Camera?’

To find out, we first need to figure out exactly where a crime is most likely to take place? According to available crime statistics, over three quarters of Intruders enter a building through an available door or other door or window on the ground floor of a building.  Of the total who manage to get into buildings, over a third enter through the front door! So, it is vital that these main areas are covered.

Many people train there security camera on their front door as not only is it one of the most likely entrance points for Intruders, but also, they can see who is at the door before they answer it. The benefits of this are many.

  • You can see whose at the door before opening it.
  • No more unwanted Salespeople
  • Keep unwelcome Relatives away
  • No religious fanatics trying to sell you on their ideologies
  • No more trick or treaters

The other place to cover with security cameras is downstairs windows and other openings such as back or side doors, which account for almost two-thirds of places Intruders have entered buildings.

Height of the camera.

So, where Is the best please to locate my camera? That will ensure these points are safely covered? Let’s start off by looking at the best height to place your security camera. Taller men these days are from 6-6.5′ tall. Bu the time these men reach up , they can probably reach up to 9′ at a stretch. Therefore, if you dont want your camera being put out of action, or stolen too then it needs to be at least 9′ from the ground and probably more.

Angle of Vision Of The Camera

The next thing to consider is the viewing angle of vision from the camera. Some cameras have better viewing angles than others, such as dome cameras which can give up to 360 degre viewing angles. Some cameras focus at close range, others at longer distances such as Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras, they also have up to 260 degree fields of operation. To see some of the different types of camera available, Click here

Before putting any cameras up you should consult the Manufacturers literature to find the optimum angle of vision and point of focus for any camera you are considering using. Consider the turning angle for any located camera and also the distance from any solid structure that the canera needs to operate.  It maybe necessary to locate the camera on a structure away from your property, such as a tree, post or outbuilding.

Consider your most vulnerable points for break-in.

When considering where is the best place to locate my security camera? It helps to imagine yourself as an Intruder. If you were trying to break into your property, where would be the easiest place? Also, where could you get in without anyone noticing, or create the least noise? If you can answer these questions, you are likely to cover the most vulnerable points to break-in.

Covert Cameras

Another thing to consider is the use of covert cameras. These cameras don’t look like security cameras at all and can be hidden in Wall Clocks,  plug sockets and even coat hooks etc. With these motion detecting cameras, alarms can be set to trigger on your smartphone, tablet or even external monitoring Agencies.

Final thoughts

Not only are there are a whole different set of places for you to locate your security camera but there are a number of different cameras or combinations of cameras to do the job. Think carefully and do the necessary research before locating any security camera.

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