An Image of the Fab Quality Spy Pen

Fab Quality Spy Pen And Hidden Record Camera| Pen Surveillance Camera

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Fab Quality Spy Pen And Hidden Record Camera

In this article, we are going to review this Fab Quality Spy Pen And Hidden Record Camera. 

We will be discussing what to use the camera for and its technical specifications. We will also find out the pros and cons of the camera, as well as the best place to buy the camera

An Image of the Fab Quality Spy Pen

Imagine the scene.. somebody is coming into your room or office without your permission and you need to know who, and what they want? Or, perhaps you think someone is cheating on you? Maybe, you want to record a meeting? It could be that somebody in your workplace is stealing your belongings. Now it’s your chance to do remote surveillance and watch any of these things for yourself.

This is a great gadget If you want to take your espionage to a new level. It’s simple to use. In fact, even a Child could use it.

This high-quality pen will record every action and word using the 8-megapixel camera which films in full HD (1280 x 1080.) Simply switch it on and let it record anything you want! When you’ve finished recording plug the micro SD into the USB port on your computer via the USB card reader (supplied) and upload your recorded material to watch. You can even add date stamps to any recording you’ve saved, for future reference.

An Image Of Fab Quality Spy Pen

Recording Time

The Fab Quality Spy Pen and Hidden Record Camera offers two record modes:-

  1. Continuous recording- set the camera pen to record and just let it record continuously until you retrieve it or the charge runs out.
  2. Motion detection recording- the spy camera will activate as soon as it senses somebody in the room.

You can record up to between 45 minutes and an hour without any problems when the pen is fully charged.

The bundle includes the Spy Pen, a 16gb micro SD card and card reader, a USB cable, 7 Ink refills (yes the pen actually works as a pen too) and a built-in rechargeable Lithium Battery.

The camera also comes with a USB plug to enable you to charge the Spy Pen.

It makes an excellent gift for friends, colleagues, and family too.

Where to buy the Spy Pen Bundle?

If you agree that this spy pen security camera is something you need, then you can buy it by simply clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. You will also be able to see reviews of other buyers for this camera. Amazon offers great prices and a speedy delivery service.



  • An excellent value Spy Pen Bundle. It uses an 8-megapixel camera
  • records in full HD 1080p
  • Also, records Sound
  • Comes with 7 refills, 16gb micro SD card, card reader, USB charger plug
  • Has a rechargeable Polymer Lithium Battery which charges in between 45 mins to an hour


  • Recording time of up to an hour
  • It has no Infra-red function, hence it can’t film in the dark

An image of Fab Quality Spy Pen

Our Opinion

Overall, this a great value for money Spy Pen. It’ll do just what you need it to do and that’s to record evidence. It’s very simple to use. One click on and one click off.

It has a good set of accessories and we particularly like the fact that both the microSD card, card reader and battery are all included in the price.

Finally, it won’t give you ‘Hollywood Style Recordings’ and can’t record in the dark. However, it’s functional, easy to use and is really cost effective.

To see the latest prices and reviews for this Spy Pen Camera click the link below