Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera Review

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Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera Review

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera review. The Nest Cam is one of the best-selling security cameras on Amazon (both indoor and outdoor versions.) So what has made this rise to the top of the best-sellers lists?

First of all, there’s the wide angle (130 degrees) full HD lens which will send live video in 1080p in all weather conditions. It is completely waterproof and is very easy to set-up. You can choose to receive either a smartphone notification or email when the camera is triggered. Night vision is possible through the clever use of 8 Infrared LED’s which give a nice, even picture.

The camera also features an amazing eight times zoom feature. This will enable you to get a much closer look at your target.

As mentioned, both the camera and the cable are completely waterproof. You do not get any drop in performance in inclement weather.

The Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera has a two-way audio feature. This is great if you want to hear what’s happening at your property. It’s also very useful if you want to give delivery instructions to the Postman.

Nest Cam Outdoor and Nest Aware Package

There is an option to store 30 days worth of footage in the Nest Cam Cloud. This feature will cost you can additional £8 ($10) per month. It’s called the Nest Cam Outdoor and Nest Aware Package and also allows you to set activity zones. These highlight particular areas you want to keep an eye on. They will send individual alerts should there be activity in these zones. It also allows you to create clips and time lapses and therefore, save the moments that you want to remember.

What’s in the box

  • Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera
  • Magnetic mounting bracket
  • Camera wall plate and adapter
  • Power cable
  • Wall anchors and screws
  • Installation guide
  • User manual

How Do I Purchase The Nest Cam Security Camera?

You can purchase the Nest Cam Security Camera simply by clicking on the link towards the bottom of the page. All of our security cameras are dispatched by Amazon. Therefore, you can rest assured of a quick and efficient delivery.


  • The nest cam outdoor security camera is a top quality security camera
  • Full 1080p Hd film capture available 24/7
  • Good night vision features
  • Wide lens viewing
  • Easy to install and fully waterproof


  • Extra cost for cloud storage


Finally, our conclusion is this is a great quality camera packed full of the features you would need to protect your home or business. Also, it’s not one of those cameras that set off alarms every time an insect, or wildlife goes by. It’s reliable and efficient. If you’re looking for a good surveillance camera, get it today.

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