Netatmo Outdoor Security Camera Review-CCTV Camera review

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Netatmo Outdoor Security Camera

Netatmo Outdoor Security Camera Review

Here we review the Netatmo Outdoor Security Camera. This fantastic Netatmo Outdoor Security Camera with Person Animal and Car Recognition – Black Aluminium fixes to the wall of your property and detects and reports in real time if a person is loitering near your home, a vehicle enters your drive or even if your pet is outside waiting to get back in. For each one of these, you can decide if the device does: a) nothing, b) records, or c)records and then delivers a notification.

With an Integrated smart floodlight which will switch on only when it’s needed. This clever device can deter people, vehicles or animals.

With simple DIY Installation, you can have the Netatmo Outdoor Security Camera on the wall replacing any outside light in minutes.

It’s precise alerts to your smartphone/tablet (android/Apple iOS) can let you know the second something happens outside your property/home. The alert-zones feature allows you to select specific areas for alerts.

The Netatmo Outdoor Security Camera can store video/audio locally via a microSD card. The microphone on the camera is good and can record sounds up to 15 feet away.

You can store videos additionally on your drop box account or on your personal FTP Server, if required.

You bolt the camera to the wall and then use an allen key to bolt the camera to the bracket. I would aim for at least 2m high (8 foot) if you can to ensure the right angle of detection.

Where Can I Buy The Netatmo Security Camera?

You can get the Netatmo Security Camera simply by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. This will take you to Amazon where you can see the reviews of other buyers of this camera. Because it is being sent by Amazon you can be assured of a speedy and efficient ordering and delivery process.


  • The  Netatmo Outdoor Security Camera and light is sturdily built and work extremely well.
  • it replaces your outside lights if you have them so because it’s direct to the mains it means there’s no batteries to keep buying.
  • The Netatmo Outdoor Security Camera has a great microphone to pick up audio from some distance
  • It doesn’t require a subscription. Just download the App.
  • local microSD recording.



  • The  Netatmo Outdoor Security Camera and light itself looks solid.  The unit is sealed. However, where the unit meets the wall has no seals. Therefore, this can be easily remedied using a tube of Silicon to run a few beads around the edge, just to make sure it’s nice and dry.
  • The  Netatmo Outdoor Security Camera has fixed in LEDs . The lights only operate when they detect movement. Consequently, the LEDs should last for many years. If used for 8 hours at day,  it will last for well over 12 years. In practice, the light will be on for far less time. In conclusion, I would expect at least 20 years service from this unit.


All in all, this  Outdoor Security Camera with Person Animal and Car Recognition is a fantastic piece of equipment which offers a whole range of monitoring and detection facilities.

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