Types Of Security Camera- Surveillance Camera, CCTV Camera

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Types of Security Camera-Surveillance, CCTV Camera

Security Camera.There are many different types of security camera available on the market. They are available for Indoor and outdoor use and can have both day and night vision. Security Cameras will protect your property while you rest.

They are available in both wired and wireless configurations. Today’s security cameras can record in full motion, high resolution (4K.)

They can be linked to your computer, phone or tablet devices. Security Cameras can be set to let you know straight away of any ‘unusual’ activity in the area they are surveying. The latest cameras can also give 360 degree all-round protection.

On Best Security Camera 2017 each Camera or System featured will show you complete technical information. This will ensure you choose exactly the right one for you.

Security Cameras are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes.


Box camera

These are the large, familiar looking boxed security cameras which you often see in the movies. Box camera’s protect the outside of buildings. They are designed to be large and a visual deterrent to Intruders.

They are among the best cameras for distance work. Box Cameras can be fitted with either telephoto, or wide angle lenses.

Many come with a built in microphone and speaker system giving two-way audio.

This type of security camera can be relatively expensive, as they often feature the best quality lenses. They will work in harsh conditions. Box Cameras can be fitted with a heated camera casing and fan. This will prevent the camera freezing in very cold weather or overheating in very hot weather.

Box cameras are serviceable. This is great should they fall into disrepair, or if you decide to change the main viewing scope of the camera.

Because of their large size and design, these cameras are not suitable for espionage type tasks.

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Bullet Camera

Bullet Cameras come in a variety of sizes but are usually much smaller than their Box Camera counterparts. Available in either fixed or multi-focus lenses. Bullet Cameras are non-serviceable. For use both indoors and outdoors. Bullet Cameras often come with infra-red for better night-time viewing results.

Bullet Cameras can be less expensive than box cameras, but sometimes the quality of the picture isn’t quite as good.

Because of their relatively small size, Bullet Cameras can be great for use for general observance indoors or outdoors and in espionage type situations.

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Dome Camera

Dome Cameras are very popular. You see them on the ceilings of most stores. The domed shape security camera and their highly reflective Centre means they are easily visible. They not only offer a visual deterrent but also offer great all-round protection against pilferage either by customers or staff.

Another great feature of this type of camera is people don’t know which way the camera is facing.

They come in a variety of styles and colours and even come in anti-tamper versions which requires a special tool set to remove them.

The camera can face in different directions. This is achieved by removing the dome.

Many Homeowners choose to mount this type of Camera on their front doors as a way of seeing who is at the door before opening it.

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PTZ Camera

PTZ can Pan (left and right), Tilt (up and down) and Zoom onto their required subject.

They come in either an automatic version where the camera follows a pre-set pattern. Operator assisted versions are also available. This is where a Security Guard or Store Detective will use the equipment to home in on their target.

Warehouses are great places to use Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras. Also, in poor lighting conditions  for observing dark corners of yards, stores etc.

To Shop for Pan,Tilt and Zoom security Cameras Just click on the image above. Also, check out our Pan,  Tilt and Zoom review section.



Internet Protocol Camera (IP Camera)

An Internet Protocol Security Camera (also known as an IP or Network Camera) is a security Camera which can send or receive data over the Internet (world wide web).

There are two types of IP Camera which Wikipedia describes like this:-

* Centralized IP cameras, which require a central network video recorder (NVR) to handle the recording, video and alarm management.
* Decentralized IP cameras, which do not require a central NVR. These cameras have recording function built-in. Therefore, they can record directly to any standard storage media, such as SD cards, NAS (network-attached storage) or a PC/server.

An IP Camera sends encoded visual and audio files at high speed. This gives a greater level of accessibility. Remote viewing is possible from computers, smartphones, or tablets.

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High Definition Cameras (HD Cameras)

If you’re looking for really good quality viewing results from your security cameras then these are the type of camera to get.

They used to be only in places like Casinos. but now have become more affordable and the latest cameras are likely to offer HD as standard.

The next step up from HD is 4K quality viewing, This is becoming the new standard and feature more in security Cameras in future.

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Covert Cameras

If you’re looking for Cameras for covert operations then this is the best option. You can build tiny cameras into very small spaces.

You can obtain body worn cameras for indoor and outdoor evidence gathering. Covert Cameras appear in shoulder bags, neck ties and even spectacles. There is an increasing demand by both the mystery shopping and private investigator industries.

Covert cameras can come in the form of electrical appliances such as wall clocks, radios, mains powered electrical plug / adapters, USB chargers, smoke alarms and carbon detectors. Then there are smaller items such as air fresheners, pens and USB sticks. In fact, everyday household items such as tissue boxes and food cartons can contain these cameras.

Covert Cameras appear in items as small as a button.

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Drone Cameras

A relatively new, but exciting use of security cameras has been in drones. Drones come in various sizes and the addition of a security camera gives new possibilities when carrying out espionage or security surveillance. These give high quality aerial images/ video of any target.

The latest drone cameras come in a choice of 2.7k (which is better than 1080p HD standard) and 4K. Video/audio storage is either microsd, microSDHC or microSDXC cards.

Most drones come ready to fly out of the box and so could be a welcome addition to your security arsenal in no time at all (and let’s be honest here – great fun to fly.)

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Night Vision Camera

A night vision camera is really useful where lighting conditions are poor (I.e.street lighting etc is not available.)

A night vision camera will give you 24/7 protection to your property or business. This type of camera is mainly used outside of Pubs, Nightclubs, Warehouses and Parking lots where nighttime security is a must. Also at Ports and Airports to assist regulatory authorities in their security work.

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